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Crónicas de cableado


This primary international standard provides guidance for measurement of attenuation using power meters, light sources and OTDRs on 50/125 µm and 62,5 µm multimode fiber cabling that may include connectors, adapters and splices. Various test methods and cabling configurations are described. This report gives important information regarding upcoming changes for anyone needing to specify testing. Architects, Consultants and Engineers may use this information to learn of changes in IEC, anticipate customer concerns and gain insight to cabling testing trends.


With ANSI/TIA being a North American standards body and ISO/IEC considered international, some often question why we need both, especially considering the similarities between the two.

But there are also plenty of differences—from terminology and spelling, to policy and codes. The good news is that with technology having made our world a much smaller place, TIA and IEC are fast at work harmonizing standards.


The year was 2004. The hottest mobile device was the Motorola Razr flip phone, Pierce Brosnan was still able to pull off a James Bond role, Facebook was a website nobody’s parents knew about, and The Red Sox won the World Series. It was also the same year that Fluke Networks introduced the DTX CableAnalyzer.


In the 2009/2010 timeframe, copper standards got a lot of attention with the publication of the TIA-568-C standards and ISO 11801 2nd edition for 10-gigabit copper cabling, as well as IEEE 802.3at for PoE Plus.

While more applications and devices continue to take advantage of that technology, there has been plenty of standards development action taking place behind the scenes that is keeping copper on the move.


We’re very excited to announce that two more manufacturers have endorsed the DSX-5000 this month! Eurolan has over 1.000 certified installers and engineers, and is a major supplier in Russia and the CIS countries. Furukawa Industrial S.A, is a major supplier with Centre of Excellence for Latin America in the manufacture of optical and metallic cables and has over 37 years of history in Brazil . This brings the total of number of manufacturers worldwide who have provided their endorsement to: a whopping 26!


La industria de datos de comunicación se está adaptando rápidamente a una mantra de “todo-para-fibra, fibra-para-todos”. Los desarrollos y crecimiento de fibra están en todas partes, desde los centros de datos de alta velocidad hasta empresas de alto consume de ancho de banda a Google Fiber. 


At Fluke Networks, we take test and measurement seriously. Proving that point, we recently announced the world’s first cloud-connected cable certification tool. That’s right, we unveiled LinkWare™ Live, a cloud-based service that enables contractors, cable installers and project managers using the Versiv™ family of certification testers to upload, manage, and analyze certification test results from cabling projects – anytime, anywhere.


Para la mayoría de los profesionales de cableado estructurado, los días de nostalgia de hojear las páginas de un anuario de la escuela han pasado. Pero Fluke Networks ha introducido la siguiente mejor cosa: el Anuario de la familia Versiv: Clase de 2014.


Los ingenieros de la red necesitan prestar atención a algunas tendencias emergentes en la industria. In a report published earlier this year, “Data Center Switch Long-Range Forecast Report,’ Crehan Research Inc. predicted that the data center switch market will grow to $16 billion by 2017, and Ethernet, including Fibre Channel-over-Ethernet, will become an ever-increasing portion of the overall market.


Quizás lo último que piensa alguien que va a comprar un equipo de comprobación de cableado cuando busca un producto es cómo se pueden evitar los errores de comprobación y eso es un gran error. Si bien los problemas como costes, normas y especificaciones que incluyen ancho de banda y las velocidades de prueba son importantes, los responsables de tomar decisiones no deben ignorar los problemas de errores de proyectos y los retrasos subsiguientes que pueden causar.


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