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¡Actualice su DTX para recibir hasta $6.250 en efectivo! (DTX2Versiv promotion has ended!)

Con el respaldo para el DTX finalizando en junio 2018, ahora es el momento de hacer el cambio a Versiv. Versiv customers report a 2/3 reduction in testing problems and a 10% increase in overall profitability. Purchase an eligible Versiv model and Fluke Networks will pay you up to $6.250 when you trade-in your DTX.


  Rebate Amount (per unit)
  Gold Customers Non Gold Customers
Purchased Model (must include Gold)
(Purchase and trade 5 or more units) (Purchase and trade 1-4 units) (Purchase and trade 5 or more units) (Purchase and trade 1-4 units) July 31 – September 29 October 2 – November 24 November 27 - December 22
Purchase Date May 1 – 28 de julio de 2017 July 31 – 22 de diciembre de 2017
2.250 dólares 2.000 dólares 2.000 dólares 1.750 dólares 1.750 dólares 1.500 dólares 1.250 dólares
4.250 dólares 3.500 dólares 4.000 dólares 3.250 dólares 2.500 dólares 2.250 dólares 2.000 dólares
6.500 dólares 5.250 dólares 6.250 dólares 5.000 dólares 4.000 dólares 3.750 dólares 3.500 dólares


Configurador del kit de Versiv

¿Cómo utilizará su Versiv?

Government customers unable to return their testers or benefit from rebates should contact info@flukenetworks.com or call 1-800-283-5853 to learn about our upfront discount programs.

Program Requirements

  • To receive “five or more” level rebates, purchase five or more eligible Versiv units on a single invoice and trade in the corresponding number of DTX mainframes and remotes within 30 days.
  • Only DTX models are eligible for trade-in
  • Only one of each DTX may be traded in per Versiv unit purchased
  • Purchases must be made during the periods indicated in the table above.
  • Customers must have an active Gold contract in order to qualify for “Gold level” rebates
  • Traded-in DTX does not have to have current Gold contract
  • Gold for traded-in DTX (if any) will be “rolled up” to new purchases
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotion

To get your rebate

Paso 1: Purchase an eligible Versiv model(s) with Gold during the periods indicated in the table above
Paso 2: Print out the rebate claim form available at http://www.flukenetworks.com/content/dtx2versiv-trade-offer-form, complete it and ship it with your eligible trade-in unit(s) and a copy of your purchase invoice within 30 days of purchase.
Paso 3: Fluke Networks Gold Support team sets up Gold for the new Versiv and “rolls up” the value of the remaining Gold from your trade-in unit (if any) to that term and sends you a rebate check as shown above. Please allow 8-10 weeks for processing.



Not sure what Versiv product is right for you? Let the Versiv Kit Configurator help find the best fit for your needs. Contact your local Fluke Networks Distribution Sales Representative or Authorized Distributor with questions, or call 1-800-283-5853.

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