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Why does the 620 CableMeter read Active Cable without a cable connected to the input?

ACTIVE CABLE is displayed and an audible signal sounds when the test tool is connected to a cable with voltage present. If this is happening even when you have not connected the CableMeter, then the internal circuitry has been damaged.   
Additional Information
Input Protection: 56 V dc continuously through a balanced source impedance of 400 Ω. 175 V peak, 20 Hz to 60 Hz through 100 Ω, superimposed on 56 V dc through 400 Ω. The 620 CableMeter is not intended to be connected to a public telephone network.

Support information
The 620 is no longer manufactured. It has been replaced with the excellent MicroScanner 2.


Creation Date: 2014-01-27

Last Modified: 2014-01-27

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