What wavelengths will the DTX-FTK measure?

The DTX-FOM (Fiber Optic Module) is calibrated at the following four wavelengths: 
  • 850 nm
  • 1300 nm
  • 1310 nm
  • 1550 nm
The SimpliFiber source provided with the kit is 850 nm / 1300 nm for multimode fiber only. For singlemode testing, you should look to the singlemode SimpliFiber sources. If you have an existing source, you can of course use this.
However, the DTX-FOM will read the wavelength coming from the SimpliFiber sources. For example, if you set the SimpliFIber source to 1300 nm, the DTX will detect the source as 1300 nm and make the measurement without prompting you to choose a wavelength. The SimpliFiber source will need to be in AUTO mode.

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